Client Reviews

Throughout the years we've had numerous clients avail our services. We make sure to fulfill all of their needs in an organized manner. Here's what they have to say.

Carolyn smiles – Director

"When it comes to designing an attractive and professional website on a budget, LogoLiberty has got your back. I do not think I have ever come across a company which pays so much attention to details and makes beautiful sites that are so affordable. Thanks to the design team at Logoliberty, my site has been bringing in more and more business every day. They gave me full support and attention when they took on this project and their staff was superb at addressing my needs and incorporating all my suggestions. In a few days Logoliberty provided me with a great proposal which went far beyond anything I had expected and I could not thank their designers enough for their hard work. I will recommend Logoliberty to everyone I know because I know firsthand that they are terrific at their job. Thanks again guys for all your hard work, you’re the best!"

Christopher Allen – Business owner

"LogoLiberty and its SEO services have been a great asset for the marketing of my business. Their entire team was on board to help turn our rankings around and I could not be more thrilled. The reporting process was excellent according to our campaign managers and within a month we saw considerable increase in search results. Not only am I pleased with the services Logoliberty offered but I would also like to appreciate their SEO team who made a lot of effort for us to be here today. Before LogoLiberty I had wasted time and money with other companies who did little to nothing for my site and its issues continued for months. Luckily I was able to find them and employ their effective optimization solutions to make my business a thriving success. I can confidently recommend LogoLiberty to all my friends and family because no one compares to them."

Richard Hendricks – Realtor

"LogoLiberty did a wonderful job in designing the fliers for my company. They instantly gave us a hands on approach with their support team and got started on the creative process right away. Their expertise were top notch and I thoroughly enjoyed looking through all the proposals I was given to pick the one that suited my brand the best. It did not take Logoliberty long to design a flier that reflected all our requirements and looked amazing as well. I was very pleased with the layout of the graphics and the information provided, as well as the paper they printed it on. My company and I look forward to engaging with LogoLiberty again, especially as we want to build a new website and we trust their process completely. Whatever kind of logo or website design you may need, whether it’s for stationery, brochures or fliers, LogoLiberty know what they are doing. Great work!"

Sarah o’Neil – Boutique Owner

"I have been quite fortunate to use Logo Liberty’s services for the past several years. They have consistently provided me and my acquaintances with top notch web design solutions and timely service, no matter what kind of project they were working on. Logoliberty has also provided great consultations for each project I handed to their team and gave only sound advice which benefited my business. LogoLiberty understands that excellence in design is a very important aspect which is why they have always provided it. I am quite hard to please as I have been conducting business for many years but the competency and professionalism Logoliberty offered has been a steadfast factor of their service and this is hard to come around nowadays. I highly recommend this company to everyone I know and will give further references if needed."

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